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Funeral Insurance

At Momentum Life we understand everyone’s insurance needs can be different. So, for added protection, we’ve developed a range of optional covers that can be added to your Funeral Insurance. Adding optional insurance benefits can be an easy and cost-effective way to increase your financial protection.

Household Expenses Cover

This benefit is designed to assist your nominated beneficiaries with any other bills or monthly household expenses, such as groceries and petrol, that they might have when you pass away.

You can apply for a Household Expenses Cover Benefit Amount from between $2,000 (4 monthly payments of $500) up to $6,000 (12 monthly payments of $500). Cover is for Accidental Death only in the first 24 months (with full cover thereafter) and the maximum combined Household Expenses and Funeral Benefit you can receive is $20,000.

Accidental Death Cover

Unfortunately accidents do happen - during the five years ending June 2016, over 1,500 New Zealanders died from motor car accidents1. An extra lump sum payment can further help you or your family with expenses such as mortgage or rent payments, car payments, children’s school expenses or aged care facilities, if you pass away as a direct result of an Accident.

The Accidental Death Cover option pays an additional lump sum benefit equal to your Funeral Insurance Amount if you pass away as a direct result of an Accident.

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Quick & easy application

If you’re a New Zealander, aged 40 to 75, we guarantee to accept you! And you won’t need to do a medical or have any blood tests. In fact, you can organise cover quickly and easily over the phone.

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Funeral Insurance FAQs

Get answers to commonly asked funeral insurance questions.

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  1. Ministry of Transport “Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand 2016”, last updated 3 October 2017.