Momentum Life loves Heart Kids!

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Heart Kids Annual Appeal

The Heart Kids yearly appeal helps raise awareness for “born fighters”—the 12 children born with CHD every week in New Zealand. You can help by texting 2427 to make a $3 donation, or by making a donation through the Heart Kids website.

Momentum Life is proud to support Heart Kids, the only charity in New Zealand dedicated to providing lifelong care and support for children and families living with childhood heart defects (CHD). Every year, 600 babies are born with congenital heart disease, the most common birth abnormality in New Zealand.

A CHD can also be acquired through illness such as rheumatic fever, cardiomyopathy or Kawasaki disease. Caring for a child with CHD is not easy, requiring regular trips to hospital for procedures, tests, and often surgeries. This can be costly for families, and often means leaving other family members behind for long periods of time.

What does Heart Kids do?

Established in 1984, Heart Kids aims to decrease the uncertainty, stress, isolation and financial hardship experienced by families by providing practical support such as:

As you can imagine, living with a CHD can be a lifelong challenge. It requires more knowledge and skills to navigate everyday challenges such as school, travel and exercise. Heart Kids provides education, resources and runs programs, such as the Patron Teen Scholarship, Camp Brave Hearts and Camp Teen Beat, which give kids and teens a chance to participate in medically supervised outdoor activities, the opportunity to learn life skills and build confidence and friendships with others living with childhood heart conditions. Heart Kids also funds CHD research and medical equipment such as home blood testing machines.

How are we helping?

Heart Kids receives no government funding, a big reason why we are supporting their valuable work. Momentum Life is donating a portion of all first-year premiums to Heart Kids. Our donation will go towards providing equitable services across Heart Kids' 22 affiliated branches throughout New Zealand. So no matter where they are, all heart kids and their families receive equal support at every step of their heart journey.

If you’d like to make a direct donation or find out more about how you can help support heart kids and families, please visit the Heart Kids website.